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He has created a menu and Chef Buric is about to prepare a 150-person meal. He starts by studying the menu to ensure he knows what he has to purchase and also how to prepare the food in advance. The first task is to make a shopping list with separate lists for meat, produce, dairy and other grocery items. If he is shopping and shops, he is careful to be sure to get all the items on his list. The ability to multitask, says he, is essential for catering.

Caterers can prepare multiple recipes at once, and often several ahead of their time. Make soups or sauces in the early part of the week, to enhance their flavor. The flavor of many soups, sauces as well as salad dressings become better as they age. Catering companies often have to create meals for the week well ahead of time.

Chef Buric creates salads, dips as well as blanches pasta ahead, so it is partially cooked. He prepares his meat one day ahead as well as snacks or other food items. The author gives tips on cutting bread and making hamburgers with a scoop, and slicing cucumbers with the mandolin. A catering service may be hired to cater at large gatherings or events of 50 or more. This will take away the stress of cooking and planning when you have many other tasks to do. ura5fzqu3m.

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