What to Expect When You Schedule Pest Control Services – AT HOME INSPECTIONS



1. If the problem isn’t extreme, treatment in a small area could result in a lower cost. It is suggested to treat the whole structure if termites have been found throughout the structure of your home.
2. Find out about additional or environmentally-friendly treatments, which can be safer for pets and children , as well as the surrounding environment.

Your inspector must be able to provide you with a detailed report once the inspection was completed. Compare the inspections with any other services you have received for Pest control.

The time of inspection
The length of the pest control service is determined by how large your home is and the number of insects you are battling. A thorough inspection and consult will take approximately two hours. You can help quicken the sub-zones of your attic to identify any potential termite hiding spots.

You can also view virtual inspections
Conducting a home inspection is a great way to stay ahead of potential problems and detect these issues in time to prevent spending. If you’re in a rush and need to get your home checked, show your inspector a snapshot or video of what you’re experiencing and they’ll inform you which one they believe is an issue or pest.

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