What Is Telemedicine? – Skyline Newspaper

what it does and how it’s and how it is.

Telemedicine is the practice of providing medicine from far away. It is a way to ensure that patients do not have visit the physician’s office in order to get treatment. Accessing care from your smartphone or laptop wherever you are via your mobile phone.

So who does this help? for example, a resident of an assisted living facility with chronic health care problems can be seen by doctors located miles away from the center without leaving. A worker who becomes ills in an oil platform that is far away from land can be evaluated by a physician remotely with telemedicine to make the call when they require in-person medical treatment. Children who are sick at school could be seen by telemedicine providers so that parents don’t interrupt their children at work or causing them to miss school.

The end of the day, telemedicine enhances healthcare outcomes and access to health care because patients receive care sooner than later . It also reduces costs since there is no traveling involved.

Check out the video below to find out more about Telemedicine Benefits!


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