What Happens During an Annual Fire Extinguisher Company Inspection? – Business Training Video

If she runs a business or runs a business can be a bit hectic, it’s easy not to remember these vital items at home as well as in the workplace. There’s a chance that you don’t notice the fire extinguisher sitting somewhere in your kitchen or workspace, but it’s there for a reason.

Although nobody really wants to make use of the device, you need to know how it functions as well as the procedures required for proper care. This will help you prepare for any event that could arise.

You’re probably thinking you’re not aware of an extinguisher for fire isn’t in your top priority list. Nothing is more frustrating than knowing the basics of the proper use of an extinguisher for an emergency. Even if you’re aware of how to use an extinguisher, but haven’t scrutinized it on a regular basis, you’ll not be able to tell if it’s working at the moment it is time for you to utilize it.

Therefore, you should know how to ensure an extinguisher’s conformity and the highest level of safety. The visual inspection must be performed monthly.

Check out this informative video from BYUI Fire Safety, where you’ll be able to learn about how a extinguisher manufacturer conducts annual inspections of their equipment. It is possible to examine the fire extinguisher yourself in the event that you’ve a clear grasp of the procedure. This job is best handled by professionals.


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