What Are the Benefits of Standby Generators? – Balanced Living Magazine

particularly if it means you are not having heat during the winter or cooling in the summer. They can provide power when the electricity is cut off. Read on for more details on standby generators.

We’ll start by discussing what standby generators actually are. Standby generators are devices that converts mechanical energy into electric power or in plain phrases, they have a running motor and an alternator , which creates electricity.

Generators that standby provide power automatically. So, as soon as your power goes out it will turn on. It can be extremely useful when power goes out. You won’t come home to hot meals from the fridge, but you’ll be in a similar situation as if you were home.

Another advantage for standby generators is they have the capacity to run as many as you require. Although a generator was once just provide power for your refrigerator or various other small appliances in present, generators today can be used to run appliances, lights as well as an electricity-powered water heater.

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