What are the Benefits of Layer 3 Connectivity? – Free Encyclopedia Online

layer. Common terms that be used to refer to layers will be clarified. Uplink is the term used to describe the access layer , and the downlink refers to the distribution layer.We will then discuss the advantages of layer 3 connectivity that makes it suitable for large enterprises, especially large Fortune 500 companies.Without any further delay, we will outline the benefits of layer 3 connectivity. It efficiently connects various buildings and sites for access from the central point by using switches.It makes it easier to fix problems any technical glitches. It is simple to trace to the uplink and downlink or the core layer, due to the sequence and the orderly design.It can also be easier to plan the network.It makes it possible to better make purchasing decisions. The network owner knows the exact switches for what layers to acquire since the layers differ and each has a different purpose.These are unique benefits that only come with layer 3 network connectivity. 2np2r2emrc.

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