Understanding Wastewater Services – Best Online Magazine

As soon as the water runs out of our properties, we take the water and purify it.

Before water can be able to get into the waste treatment facilities the water must be filtered through bar screens. These screens block any larger objects from entering the wastewater facility, and could cause damage to the facility.

The water then moves onto the grit treatment. Grit treatment is a method to get rid of larger chunks. Certain substances, for instance, rocks or sands, could be left in the water. They are not treated with the chemicals which the water is exposed to later.

The water is then aerated. The water is then cleaned with an abundance of bacteria and oxygen that has been delivered to it.

In the last stage of the process , the water is disinfected. There are many methods of disinfecting the water. One of the most well-known is chlorine. After the disinfection takes place the water is clean enough to drink , and then pumped out to the rest of the world.


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