The Unsolvable Lock – Entertainment News Today

You need to go back into your home. Locksmith services from commercial locksmiths are useful when you need to get back inside. Locksmithing is an artform. It is feasible because the majority of locks are imperfect. This video shows the steps a man takes to solve an impossible lock.

In the beginning, it’s important that you know the way locks function. Each lock comes with a number of pins. To open the lock, each pin is lifted to the maximum height. This is why keys have notches within them. Each notch raises the pin at the right height. For a lock to be picked, each pin needs to be pushed to the correct height without keys. It’s not easy to recall all the different combinations. Lockpickers usually try to discover each pin one by one. This allows them to make a guess.

The video’s creator was trying to design an insolvable lock. He did this by making it so that the picker has to be able to identify the pins all at once instead of just one at one time. This would make it nearly impossible for a statistically accurate guess. In order to achieve this, he used machines to create a lock, where every pin could not be picked individually.


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