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Southern Living did not consider barbecue establishments outside of within the American South. However, you can still find barbecue pitmasters close to you. Although Americans can be divided on virtually everything, most Americans are in agreement that barbecue is the best way to enjoy lunch and dinner.

Pitmasters learn the art of pitmastering from family members. Many are born into the trade. Whatever the type of meat you use or if the food is smothered in sauce or sprinkled with a dry rub, there is one thing all great barbecues share the timing. The meat must be slow-roasted or grilled for several hours.

It is crucial to select the appropriate food preparation materials carefully. Different types of wood provide an individual flavor to food. Hickory is most commonly used among other types of wood, however others are applewood, mesquite cherry wood, or red oak. Charcoal is more cost-effective in comparison to this type of wood however it’s cost-effective for cooking for families. There are those who believe that barbecue cooked over charcoal isn’t as tasty than barbecue prepared over wood. seh5utt59b.

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