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gagement rings make up a significant part of our culture. When a couple gets engaged they almost always have an engagement ring involved. There are many kinds of different materials to make engagement rings. We’ll be discussing the most common types of materials in this post.

We’ll be looking at platinum as the first material for engagement rings. As platinum rings contain the highest levels of platinum, they’re exceptionally dense. The rings are therefore slightly more heavy than alternatives. There are plenty of options to design platinum rings as they are easy to mold.

Platinum is an extremely strong material, it is more brittle than white. White gold is comprised of 75% gold and 25 percent alloy. White gold can easily be polished. This type of ring can last for generations.

The last thing we’ll talk about is the yellow gold. It was in its early days it was the most common metal used in engagement rings. If people are choosing diamonds for their rings, typically, they choose lower rated diamonds on the color scale.


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