Is Your Piping Turning Green? Time to Call a Local Plumber – Las Vegas Home

cently? In that case, it’s appropriate to get in touch with your local plumber as soon as possible. In the event that copper has been affected by corrosion the copper turns into a dark green colour. It could pose a grave issue because it indicates the possibility of a leak to take place. It could also mean that the corrosion-prone piping has been leaking in the stream of water. If this problem is not resolved immediately, you could end up with the cost of repairs as well as flooding. In this short video you’ll find out more about corrosion of pipes and most likely reasons for it.

Usually, the cause of corrosion is upstream. The cause could be within or around the heating element. Every water heater has a part within it, which is known as the sacrificial anode. It is the metal rod which lies inside of the tank. It dissolves with the flow of water. The rod must be replaced for ensuring that water will not dissolve other parts inside the tank. If it’s not been replaced in some time, the water might dissolve other metallic components inside the tank for the water heater. The result could be metal flakes which make an entry into copper pipes. It can lead to corrosion when the flakes of metal settle into the pipe.


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