Is It Possible to Renovate a Fire Damaged Home – First HomeCare Web

There’s no limit to the amount of damage fire, and smoke can cause. Further damage can be caused by the water that was used in the extinguishing of the sparks.

This video outlines three simple steps to help you when you’re considering purchasing a fire damaged property.

The first step is to take a breath when looking at these properties. There is bound to be damage and problems as a result of the damages caused by fire. The next thing is to take care of the debris, and clean up the mess so that the building can be restored to the original state. Then, contact fire and water restoration experts to wash your property completely. Get rid of all things which have suffered damage.

The next step is you should hire a licensed and insured general contractor to take care of the task. This is not the place to try to save the money.

It is the last thing to do is make a total overhaul of the property, just like you would if it had not been a burned property.

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