How to Store Extension Cords – Domain Fach

What happens when the project has ended? How can the project be stored until it comes time for you to use the project again? There are many extensions cords are harmed by improper storage. This article will help you know about storage of your extension cords properly.
If you’re done using an extension cord, the first step to take is unplug it. After it’s unplugged and you’re ready to prepare the cord for storage. Be sure to give your cord a thorough wash especially if you work within areas of water. It’ll stop mold from growing and will help keep the extension cord tidy.
After that, wrap an extension cord. This is where many of us make mistakes. For storage be sure to not secure it to anything. Instead, twist your cable gently into large loops. Most likely, you’ll have a shape that your cable would like to adhere to. When you’ve coiled your cable, tie it so it keeps its shape and either hang it up or lay it on its side. ovu1ejnnyx.

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