How to Sand Hardwood Floors Yourself – House Killer

Put polyurethane over the floor for a rich, luxurious design.
Lay the grit papers over the drum’s top and make sure that the machine has been turned off. You’ll need 60 80, 100, or 120 grit to get rid of the stain as well as the polyurethane from the floor. It’s simple to use the hardwood floor sander. Just press and hold the button. You must be following the instruction of your hardwood floor sander machine when working on it. The lever should be pulled down. The lever can be moved forward and backward Be sure to use an edge sander. It is recommended to do the exact thing for any regions that have not been finished sanding. It is important to ensure that the floor surface is clean prior to applying polyurethane. Check the bag for any leftover dust, and ensure you empty it. Using a round disk edge sander you will be able to reach as closer to the wall feasible to ensure uniform coverage. It is light and is easy to move on the ground. In the case of the edge sander it will use exactly the same type of papers that you use for the hardwood floor sander. Use 60, 80, 100, and then 120 grit. Also, make sure you vacuum the floors following sanding. After cleaning, wash the floor using the water. It’s time to dry it. After it’s dried you’re able to move on and apply your polyurethane or the stain.

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