How to Make Cute Charms out of Vinyl Polymer – Cool Artwork

Many of them come with a proprietary program that lets crafters create and import their own unique designs. In turn, the machines can cut vinyl polymer in order to allow these designs to be realized in the real world. Most vinyl polymer used in craft is also referred to as shrink plastic. This is an extremely effective material for making small charms because it is large enough for intricate designs to be created and makes them smaller to create adorable small jewelry. This video will show you how you can make your own jewelry using vinyl and shrink plastic. Make your choice, and slice it on the machine. After that, place the pieces you cut into an oven set to 150°C. The plastic will expand in the process. After the plastic is at the right size and you are happy with it, you can paint it by using permanent vinyl sheets. Software will alter the size of your design to match the charms. Following that you will be able to cut colors from sheet of permanent vinyl. To get exactly the look you’re after, place the design with the vinyl.

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