How to Lay Pea Gravel – DIY Home Decor Ideas

icle will explore how to lay pea gravel right on the first try.

In the beginning, you must choose a size of chipping at least 14 millimeters wide. Smaller gravel will not be as durable and spread more easily, making it a messier selection.

Next, you must decide where in your lawn the path of gravel will be and also to draw the route. It is important to count everything at least twice, and utilize chalk stakes and fishline for marking which area you’ll use for the route.

Clear the area of plants and weeds, then put on a weed-proof membrane. It isn’t necessary to dig out the dirt to get rid of weeds by using the weed membrane.

Now is the time to lay the gravel. Spread the gravel on the ground. Make use of a shovel, or the rake for evenly spreading it. It shouldn’t go over 50mm thick. It is important to make sure you see to the top of the pathway and also that you’re not sinking every time you turn.

For the removal of dust then run a hose through the entire surface. The result is a useful and attractive pathway.


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