How to Install a Light Fixture – Interior Painting Tips

For this job, you will require basic electrical competencies to lower your risk of injury in the process. In some cases, it is ideal to employ a professional for the job. If you do have some basic electrical abilities, here’s what you need to know about installing lighting.

Switch off the power. Then locate the circuit breaker control and shut off the circuit. You should turn off the wall switches that control the installation of your lighting fixture. After cutting all electricity flows, you can remove the light fixture that was previously installed, comprising the cover for the original fixture as well as the old wire connectors. It is the next step to secure the bolts which hold the light fixture. This box serves to assist in the installation process of the fixture. Be sure that the box is securely attached.

It’s next to join the wires. The wires for the new fixture need to correspond to those of the current home’s wiring. Wires of white should be joined to white, green, or black. The fixture lighting installation secures the canopy’s base by connecting the wires to the electrical box. Following that, put in the correct bulbs and check the Wattage. Finally, attach the trim and covers.


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