How HVAC Systems Work – Maine’s Finest

The ling coils may be situated in your residence or mounted above one of the air handles. The coils receives the refrigerant which expands and turns into the form of a gas, making the coils cold. The refrigerant flows through the coils and to the compressor, which converts it back into liquid.
Thermostat indicates the circulation blower fan and the condensing unit to switch off or turn on until the room temperature rises or falls.

Furnace Control Board is a sophisticated computer circuit board that controls all functions the furnace does in the complete heating process.

The Disconnect Box is used to shut off electrical supply to condensing units that are outside. It is equipped with a cartridge, which might contain fuse. To find out if there’s a continuous electric path ensure the integrity of the fuse in the box that is used to disconnection if the compressor fan or condenser fan fails to function.

There are three aspects that impact the air cooling process.

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