How Business Franchising Works – Small Business Magazine

The owner or franchisor of the ess. The owner is licensed to use the trademark and/or product. The license can be granted to anyone who is able to use the trademark/products and trademarks that they were originally licensed by their franchisor. A national chain of restaurants similar to Applebee’s, is the most well-known example. The corporate center is managed while each branch is operated and controlled independently through the owners who are licensed.

In exchange for selling their brands, franchisees must pay a franchisor an upfront amount as well as normal costs. There’s a reason you have to pay for these costs. It’s easier to franchise than creating a new business independently. It offers better return of investing and also gives the franchisee access to the franchisee’s expertise and experience.

The franchisee offers a proven operating model, an established name, operating system, training, a marketing strategy, and ongoing support for any issue that may come up along the way. Find more information on the video.


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