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Do not attempt to sweep the whole house in one sitting. Start from the perimeter and work on just one room at a go so you don’t leave the dirt or other debris that might be hidden in the carpet or on walls, floors, and baseboards.

Dust with Mindfulness

Be careful when dusting. Utilize cotton cloths to dust furniture or other things in your home. Use a spray bottle to get the cloth wet and lay it on top of rugs or furniture. It is also possible to dust your furnishings with microfiber cloths.

Cleaning up after yourself is among the most important chores to perform in your house. It keeps allergens to a lower level and could help your family enjoy a long, healthy life. Additionally, you can reduce the chance of accidents with small knives and toys that sit on the surface.

The importance of dusting is in the timing. Every day, you will want to dust high-use areas such as the TV and screen of your computer, as well as door and window frames. Additionally, you should clean your floors and stairs throughout the day. Don’t forget to dust the top cabinets, lighting fixtures, ceiling fans baseboards, plumbing pipes and crown moldings in your house every week.

The best way to clean the dust that collects on furniture and couches is by vacuuming them. Then, you can take the cloth out of an garbage bag or bin with a vacuum.

Use the right attachments when vacuuming your furniture. You can do this by hand or an upright. A few have a rolling brush which is able to remove the fine dust, while other have a disposable wand that allows you to access the deeper nooks and crannies in your furniture.

After emptying the vacuum cleaner’s bag, verify whether any of the two sides are open. If it’s fitted with zippers shut it and verify if there’s enough area inside the bag to accommodate extra dirt. If you’re not certain of how much, ask.


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