Easily Find Rochester Events, Entertainment, and Dining

Rochester ny events calendar

Whether visiting family, taking a vacation, or touring one of the biggest cities in New York, Rochester has a lot to offer both the short term and long term visitor. When you check into your hotel in Rochester, you can be sure to easily find things to do just by tuning in to Rochester radio, a local television station, or checking online.

1. Check with a Rochester event calendar.

Rochester music events, and numerous festivals are usually listed in any Rochester events calendar. If you want to visit a festival, you can take your pick from Greentopia, the Jazz Festival, Lilac Festival, Corn Hill Festival, Clothesline, Puerto Rican, East End, and scores more. Additionally, the staff at your hotel in Rochester may have an idea about lesser known events and activities happening during your stay.

2. Experience outstanding Rochester dining.

You can check for dining reviews in the local paper or online, but one of the best ways to find great dining in Rochester is to ask a native. Good Luck, Plum Garden, and Gatehouse are just a few personal recommendations. Thanks to the proximity of local farms, Rochester cuisine can sometimes come straight from the farm to your table. Rochester restaurants cover a diverse range of flavors and cuisines, everything from Irish, to Jamaican, to Mexican, Italian, and everything in between.

3. Find some quality Rochester entertainment.

Rochester is home to a number of theaters and ensembles. You can catch a show at the Rochester auditorium theater, east end theater, or at Geva. Check online to find out what the latest shows are and how you can get tickets. Rochester regularly has touring Broadway shows, and works being put on by original playwrights.

Rochester also has several historical landmarks, parks, ample nightlife and sports venues. Truly, there is something for everyone in Rochester. All you have to do is talk to a Rochesterian, or spend a little time online looking for local theater shows, festivals, and more.

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