Early American History in Pictures

Pictures of rochester

Looking back on early American history, one notices that many eastern cities played important roles early on. Although Rochester has experienced a steady decrease in population since the 1950 census, the significant role that it played in the history of the United States cannot be denied. The city of Rochester dates back to the Treaty of Big Tree that was signed way back in 1797, when the Seneca tribe surrendered its claim to the land that would become Rochester, NY. Among those historical pictures of Rochester NY are iconic American figures with ties to womens suffrage and the civil rights movements. Thus, two of the most famous residents among pictures of rochester NY, are also among the most important figures of all of American history. Of course, those residents are Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass. Among the most highly valued pictures of Rochester NY include many of these two individuals and can be found among the Rochester NY pictures at the museums, galleries, and college that are located across the region.

Given the fact that George Eastman founded the first and most important film company in American history in Rochester, it is appropriate that early Rochester pictures include the most historically relevant individuals in all of the United States. Thus, there is no doubt that Eastman Kodak played a significant role in recording some of the pictures of Rochester NY, which would become among the most important moments in United States history. As such, while the earliest pictures of Rochester NY are among the most valued not only from the perspectives of Rochesterians, but from a national perspective, as well. And because the reach and influence of Eastman Kodak extended far beyond pictures of Rochester NY, it is one local company that played a fundamental role in documenting the American past well before moving pictures.

Historically relevant pictures in Rochester NY can be found at the Memorial Art Gallery, The University of Rochester, The Rochester Institute of Technology, and of course, the George Eastman House. And although it has been many decades since Rochester has been the important hub that it once was, there is a lot of history that centers around the Erie Canal and Lake Ontario. Thus, despite the fact that other cities are far more important and exciting today, one cannot deny the vital history that is forever documented in the oldest pictures of Rochester NY.

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