Do You Know How Veneers Are Made – Teeth Video

Clinica Medico Dental Pardinas looks at the process by which cosmetic dental veneers are produced.

It is the first step to prepare your teeth. Any decay that has occurred must be removed. The teeth are then cleaned and rinsed with water to make certain that no growth of bacteria will occur within the veneers. The teeth will be acid-etched for a few seconds. Your dentist might also recommend grinding your teeth to help the veneers adhere more effectively. Rinse your teeth for a second time.

The veneers that are made in the past are attached to your teeth using dental cement. This cement is hardened with ultraviolet light. Veneers are constructed from composite resin or porcelain. It is necessary to have the molds of your teeth in order for permanent veneers to be created in a laboratory. A few dentists have the ability to create veneers at their office if you only need one or two teeth done.

It can take one to two weeks to have your dental veneers be returned from the laboratory. The temporaries are taken off and the permanent ones are cemented to. If you keep flossing and brushing them regularly as well as regular checks your veneers will last at least ten years. 7lyias8akn.

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