Difference Between Custom Cabinets and Boxed Cabinets – Remodeling Magazine

They are among the top aspects. There are two different types of cabinets either custom or boxed. What is the difference?

Boxed cabinets are exactly what it is referred to as, they come in a container. They are available packed in boxes at the local store for home improvements. You can simply carry the cabinets home and then install them where you like. The standard sizes are the ones that many of these cabinets come with, therefore you will only be able select a cabinet that is boxed based on these predetermined sizes. Premade cabinets are not of top quality. They are made within one facility from kitchen cabinet producers.

It is possible to build custom cabinets to make the most of every square inch your kitchen space. As the name suggests, they can be customized! This can be very important and can make your kitchen look clean and modern. With the correct cabinet maker You can build them in any size or color. Boxed cabinets are limited in their options. Your home can be customized by using this feature, and you will get the perfect look.


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