Common Questions That Residential Locksmiths Hear – Boston Equator

You can browse through the mailbox in case you’ve lost keys. Locksmiths can work with all keys and locks and provides different locksmith services.

Some people wonder if locksmiths could make mailbox keys. They can. Locksmiths take on the task in the production of mailbox keys. If you have lost your keys locksmiths can visit the home of your choice and access your mailbox to exchange your keys.

Locksmith services include residential deadbolts including one-cylinder or handle sets. They provide keys, install the new ones, change them out, and make improvements to ensure your property is secure from the many people who are trying to get into your home.

Locksmiths provide strike boxes as an addition to protect your home. Door guardians are their most requested item. This allows you to secure your door from children. They also provide the lever locks and electronic deadbolts that can be installed on your doors. They will also give the user with codes.

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