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The court’s decision does not render you innocent or guilty. It just determines if you can have bail, and the amount. Your lawyer provides bail argumentation to ensure that you’re granted bail, and that you pay as low a bail amount as you can.

The two options available to you when a judge orders bail: bail or jail. It is possible to pay the bail and leave home while you wait for your hearing, or choose not to pay bail, and instead go back into jail until you have your trial. Many people do not have the money to cover bail. It is necessary to secure a bail bond so that they can return to their family and work.

Bail bond companies will pay your bail on a complete basis. After that, you repay the bail bond company in the amount that they paid together with charges. You have many options to bail bonds. The surety bond is one of the most popular type. It’s basically a fancy loan. A property bond is required when a bail bond company considers that you’ll not be in a position to pay them. Someone close to you puts up a home for collateral that the bail bond firm takes if you skip bail.

Bail bond companies go beyond banking to make sure that they get their money. They will ensure your appearance in court is on the date and time they were obligated to. i4xv3a19jr.

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