10 More Days to Go Before Vacation! How Do I Prepare My House Before I Leave? – Summer Travel Tips

10 more days to go To improve your heating system’s effectiveness, it’s worthwhile to have an annual inspection conducted by an experienced professional. The more efficient heating system will use less oil daily in colder months, compared to an inefficient system that is more efficient.
Clean the water septic tank

In any case, your septic needs to be cleaned at least every three or five years, as per Bob Vila. As a result, the buildup of sludge in your septic tank can accumulate until it’s overflowing and can cause issues such as water pooling inside your drain area and an overflow of sewage. If there hasn’t been a scheduled regular septic clean-up in a period of time, try to get it done before going for a trip, particularly when you’re away for more than one month. When you’re gone then your tank won’t get a new infusion of bacteria coming that you’ve brought home, and your existing bacterial count could begin to decline. Engaging a professional company for septic will make sure that your tank is kept clean and neat at the time you return. This may increase its capacity to manage the waste.

Check your HVAC

If you are looking to take holiday this summer, it’s crucial that your HVAC system be prepared. It is possible to ensure that your house is safe while you’re traveling by taking the necessary safety precautions. Start by checking your air filter as you count down to the days remaining. Perhaps you’ve not updated your filter for a while. Filters that have become blocked may reduce HVAC efficiency as well as restrict circulation of air. Thus, cleaning your filter makes sure that your house’s indoor air remains clean and will prevent air filter problems. It’s recommended to hire an HVAC professional look over your home to determine if there is any HVAC concerns.

A professional and qualified HVAC technician will apply their expert eye to spot deeper issues in your HVAC unit which could get more serious.


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