10 Easy Ways to Save Money for Your Wedding – Money Saving Amanda

For one day only You can save up to 10% when you rent your wedding dress and formal attire. It’s less costly than purchasing a dress or suit to wear on the day. Also, you can save money by borrowing money from colleagues. Do not buy expensive wedding gowns If you do not have that option. The best place to buy is your local department store for a price that is affordable.
10. Time

Consider time, similar to picking a weekday date for your wedding. It is possible to have your wedding the day before instead of being able to hold it for all throughout the day. This will help you save money by not needing to rent venues and also serving less food. Additionally, you don’t have to pay DJs or photographers for an entire day. The cost can be based on the amount of time they devote to the event. This is less expensive that what you’d have to pay to host a whole day of activities.

Based on your preferences your wedding budget could be a bit overwhelming. So, you’ll need to think of creative ways to bring it down without affecting your wedding day as you envision it. Professional wedding planners can aid you to make the best decisions about a budget-friendly wedding. They can guide you which services you want to retain or eliminate, in relation to how much you’re planning to spend. Below are 10 straightforward methods of saving money for your wedding.


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